Fumigation Services

Fumigation offers almost 100% reduction of most target pest populations virtually overnight. When you need fumigation performed safely and effectively, Agromonti Pest Control has the experience, equipment and manpower for the task. Our commercial fumigation professionals have fumigated everything ranging from antique clocks and furniture to food processing facilities over 20 million cubic feet. Fumigation is a highly complex procedure that should only be performed by trained and experienced professionals. For fumigation services for grain or flour beetles, rodents or whatever your fumigation needs may be, Agromonti Pest Control can meet them.

We’ve successfully performed fumigations for:
– Food and pharmaceutical plants
– Grain bins, seed processors and feed manufacturers
– Flour mills
– Warehousing facilities
– Residential structures
– Barge, tractor trailer and railcar containers
– Museum collections, furniture and antiquities
– Commodities (tobacco, corn, rice, soybeans, wheat etc.)

For the fumigation of post-harvest products and some storage structures, contact Agromonti Pest control today for all your solutions