School Pest Management Program

It is an imperative task of all educational facilities to provide their children and staff with a clean, safe and hygienic environment to work and study. Central to this task lies a pest management program that will detect, eradicate and monitor any possible pest infestation with speed, discretion and efficiency.

At Agromonti we have devised a School Pest Management Program (SPMP) tailored to the specific pest control, safety and audit requirements of Ghana schools.

It is important that pesticides are used carefully and judiciously especially when used in sensitive areas where children are present. Children are more sensitive than adults to pesticides. Young children can have greater exposure to pesticides from crawling, exploring, or other hand-to-mouth activities.

We at Agromonti have devised a School Pest Management Program (SPMP) to reduce pesticide risk and exposure to children. Put simply SPMP, is a safer and less costly option for effective pest management in Ghana schools. Our School Pest Management Program uses proactive, preventive and monitoring strategies to reduce sources of food, water and shelter for pests in your school building and grounds. The SPMP program takes advantage of all pest management strategies including the judicious and careful use of pesticides as and when necessary.
Since children spend so much of their day at school, our School Pest Management Program provides an opportunity to create a safer learning environment – to reduce children’s exposure to pesticides as well as eliminate pests. We at Agromonti encourage all Ghana school heads and principals to adopt SPMP to reduce children’s exposure to pesticides and provide a pest free environment.