Kelik Potassium

60.00 / Lits

Corrector of potassium deficiency
Potassium + EDTA


Potassium oxide (K2O) 50 % W/V
EDTA 4.5 % W/V



Vegetables- Cabbage, Garden Eggs, Tomatoes, Sweet Pepper, Onions, Etc
tree Crops- Avocado Pear, Cocoa, Citrus, Mangoes, Etc.
horticulture- Papaya, Pineapples, Etc



Kelik is a formula providing potassium as a complement of the fertilizer, it can be applied by foliar as well as dissolved in the irrigation water.
The major effects of KELIK POTASSIUM are:
– It increases resistance against drought and salinity
– Osmotic regulations
– It stimulates the resistance of plants against pest and diseases
– It increases the turgor pressure of roots, improving their penetration in the soil
Effects on the fruit:
– It increases the volume and weight of the harvest
– It promotes a uniform ripening
– It improves the organoleptic qualities of the fruits
– It increases sugar content
– It improves the post-harvest
– It improves the fruit form

Application Rate
Foliar application
45mls in 15L of water (0.1-1.5, 6L/Ha)


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