150.00 / 1Kg

Broad spectrum fungicides
Active Ingredient(S)
Contains 450 g/L PROCHLORAZ in the form of an emulsifiable concentrate Also contains 396 g/L XYLENE

Anthracnose, eye spot, glume blotch, leaf scald, net blotch, spot blotch, speckled, leaf blotch, powdery mildew, cercospora leafspot, botrytis / grey mold, fusarium wilt in avocados, pineapples mangoes, banana
Mode of Action: Prochloraz has translaminar movement in the leaf and controls fungi by disrupting cell wall development.
Application Rate
Post-harvest dip 110 ml/ 200 liters water
Post- harvest spray 55ml/ 100 liters water
Dosage for spraying: 30-50mls in 15lits of water at 7-14 days interval 0.5-1 lit per hect



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