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Active Ingredient(S)
Beta-cyfluthrin 12.5% SC
Ants, bedbugs, centipedes, cockroaches, millipedes, flies, moth. Wasps, beetles, fruit- flies, crickets, mosquitoes, scorpion, flies, ticks, tropical warehouse moth, red flour beetle

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CONTROLS INSECTS FOR MONTHS Non Staining &Odorless Low Mammalian Toxicity
– Indoor pests
– General household pests
– Pantry and stored product pests
– Outdoor/perimeter pests
– Wood-infesting pests
– Turf and ornamental pests
Where to Apply:
– Apply in and around building and structures
– On residential and commercial and recreational area of turf
– On ornamentals in landscapes and interior plantscapes
How to Apply:
– General surface spots, mist or cracks and crevices application. Broadcast application to turf and foliar application to ornamentals
Application Rate
100-150mls in 15lits of water


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