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  1. ORGAPLANT ORGANICbio-stimulant and multi-action fertilizer specifically recommended in fruits and vegetables.

Description: Its effects include:

– Cellular homeostatic effect against any biotic and abiotic stress: transplantation, frost, heat, drought, salinity, pathogen attacks, etc.
– Increase of the efficiency of fertilization: complexing effect, transport of essential elements, increase of the assimilation, metabolism and reserve of N.
– Improves fruit set by increasing the quality of the nectar (nourishes and moisturizes pollen grains and attracts pollinators).
– Formation of any plant structure (root, leaf, flower, stem, etc.).
– Complexing action facilitating the absorption and assimilation of nutrients.

Active Ingredient:

Total Organic Matter  23% p/p

Free amino acid 12% p/p

Total nitrogen (N) 8,0% p/p

Organic nitrogen (N) 4,5% p/p

Ammoniacal Nitrogen (N) 3,5% p/p

Density 1,25g/cc pH 6

Application Rate:
Root application-10-20L/Ha

Foliar Application 30-45mls in 15L of water