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Rainmancozeb 80 WP

35.00 / 1Kg

Active ingredient:
Mancozeb 80% WP

– Cereals & Legumes – maize, rice, soybean, etc.
– Vegetables – tomato, cabbage, lettuce, pepper, onions, okro, etc.
– Tree Crops – cocoa, mango, avocado, citrus, etc.
– Horticultural Crops – pineapple, pawpaw, banana, etc.
– Ornamentals

Downy mildew, Purple blotch, Leaf spot, Neck blast, Rust, Anthracnose, Black spots, Green mould, Blight, etc

Application Rate:
50-75 g per 16 L water or 0.5-4 kg/Ha
Contact fungicide for the control of a wide range of fungal diseases in fruits, field crops, tobacco, turf, vegetables and ornaments

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