3,500.00 / PC

Engine Cifarelli C7,2- stroke engine
Displacement 77 cc
Maximum Power 3, 6 kW (5 HP)
Air volume 20 m3/min
Air speed 125 m/s
Liquids tank capacity 17 L
Liquids outflow 0-3,6 L/min
Maximum horizontal range 17m
Maximum vertical range 15m
Average drops size Ø 120 µm
Fuel tank 1,9 L
Weight Weight empty without pipes 10.62 Kh, weight empty with pipes 11.36 Kg
Packaging 49*74*38 cm


Cifarelli started out with the mist sprayer, a product for which we are famous all over the world. L3evo is a new evolution of the famous L3, a machine dedicated to professionals that ensures durability and working capacity.

Long life and reliability: if you work every day in difficult areas, the reliability and durability of the machine are key elements of the selection. Thanks to the longer life, the total cost of the machine in the medium-long term is considerably lower than that of a machine that comes at a lower price, but that, if used daily, will have to be replaced very often.

Easy to use: L3evo is a machine for professionals, but at the same time it is very easy to use, as only the accelerator and tap need to be adjusted.

Easy to maintain: no frills, with open float chamber carburetor and unified bolts: the entire machine can be dismantled by using a single spanner.

Broad operating range: the powerful 5HP engine and the ventilation system ensure a very wide range: up to 17 meters horizontally and 15 metres vertically. The treatment is thus up to three times faster compared to low-power machines. Furthermore, the option of using it even with the pipe in a vertical position, combined with the considerable range, also enables you to treat tall trees.

• High autonomy thanks to the 17-litre liquid tank.
• Comfortable thanks to the padded cushion and wide adjustable padded shoulder straps, both with a fabric finish.


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