Solo Sprayer

5,450.00 / PC

The Solo 452 mist blower has a spraying capacity of 12 litres, as well as being lightweight at just 9.6kg. These characteristics make it the environmentally-responsible choice for the economical protection of all crops and plantings anywhere in the world. The mister is also remarkably robust and easy to handle.

Advanced engineering technology from Solo ensures low fuel consumption, reduced exhaust gas emissions and high performance in continuous use, even in very hot temperatures.

In addition to plant protection, the Solo 452 can be used for disinfection, parasite control in animal herds, in stables, storage areas, ships and containers.

The range of accessories makes the 452 even more versatile: If you need to increase the reach of Solo misters (for example when spraying upwards), simply equip them with a liquid booster pump. This enables the use of longer spray wands, whilst keeping the spray pattern and spray volume constant.



The right nozzle for any crop:
The standard delivery of the Solo 452 includes a long reach nozzle as well as a wide spray grille and a nozzle with interchangeable deflectors. The long reach nozzle directs the spray medium over a distance of up to 11.5 metres. The spray width increases with the wide spray grille. The nozzle with single sided deflector makes it easier to spray rows of crops and also enables you to reach underneath leaves. The double sided deflector allows you to treat two rows at a time


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